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Our art market analysis and research services are focused exclusively on the art economy. Due to the experience gained through our privately held art gallery project we could offer a unique and comprehensive art research to private and institutional clients. Currently our main fields of development are market  studies, sector analysis and investment-related services.

In our way to achieve a high class service we cooperate with a number of leading art and art investments professionals.

Art market macro research

We perform comprehensive market research on the global art investments market, including studies of size, market share, prices, employment, structure and regulatory frame specifics for different countries.

The final result is state of the art report in which we incorporate our professional skills and know-how in the fields of finance and investments. Quantitive analysis and comments as well as other research methods are applied together with statistical tools which give a global snapshot on the art market quantitive and qualitative features and current trends.

Sector research

This type of research includes statistical and quantitive analysis of different art geners and sectors of the art market. This bespoke research is custom tailored and is driven solely by client's requirements. Forecasting, statistical reporting and indexing are typical tools that are used in this research field.

Investing in art

Specific type of services, which are designed for private and institutional clients and investors in the art market, and which alongside the macro and micro studies of the market include specific services related to net asset value evaluation for works, collections and art portfolios; risk analysis; expected returns calculations; forecasting; correlation analysis and other comparative studies.

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