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Business valuations

Copula Capital Advisors has a professional team with extensive knowledge of national and international accounting standards and deal experience in various sectors, such as the renewable energy sector, the IT, telcos, bio- and hi-tech. The thoroughgoing valuation process includes invariable study in depth of the market development prospects, company capabilities and all other factors and risks that may affect company value.

Our state of the art, innovative ESG research approach sets us at the pioneering line in Bulgaria and the Balkans. Through it we upgrade the traditional business valuation analysis, widely offered in the current investment banking sphere. This service is specifically tailored for institutional private equity and VC investors looking to integrate ESG sustainability risk criteria into their portfolio management. These will typically include identification of key performance indicators (KPIs) for ESG issues for portfolio companies, relative benchmarking, custom tailored screening based on selected indicators, and etc.

Copula Capital Advisors helps its clients and prospective clients with financial management advisory, by introducing good practices and techniques in order to manage or improve a higher quality of their sustainable financial and accounting management. Copula Capital Advisors understands its client's financial and accounting practices and provides custom tailored solutions to assist its clients orientate to a forward-looking, budgeting and forecasting operations. Copula Capital Advisors guides its clients towards the adoption of new and sustainable corporate policies concerning reporting accuracy, management performance, ESG responsible development and transparency, by assisting them through the process of budgeting and planning.

If you would like to discuss further on this or any other of our services, please feel free to Contact us.

Merger, acquisitions and spin-outs

Copula Capital Advisors provides merger and acquisition advisory services to GPs managing direct private equity assets and fund of funds managing portfolios of fund interests. The company has the advantage of being a local observer, who is following a limited list of specific sectors and thus knowing the market and its participants. 

By monitoring the most promising energy & RES, biotechnology & hi-tech, telcos & IT sectors we act both as buy-side and sell-side advisor. We assist our clients to understand the local markets specifics and business attitude of mind, and to  identify potential acquisition targets or development opportunities. Copula Capital Advisors manages the entire M&A project and helps its clients to obtain the best result for their deal. We also act as an independent advisor for managers in spin-outs.

Financial restructuring

Copula Capital Advisors assists its clients and prospective clients who are experiencing financial distress, short-term liquidity difficulties or bankruptcy to achieve a better level of debt to equity ratio, debt and/or capital structure and current expenditures.

Copula Capital Advisors' approach to financial restructuring includes thorough analyses of all stakeholder interests, evaluation of potential options and negotiations between various counter parties.

Money management

This service aims to understand not only the psychology and history of the market but most importantly investors' actions and mood. Our cross model strategies include money flow, technical and fundamental analysis and give our clients a more refined and non-conventional view on the markets and the companies that are being researched.

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