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Corporate and market research

Our corporate and market analysis and research service complements our advisory and investment management efforts. We are unique in that we do not simply analyze the company or the sector per se, by just collecting and working at the figures. We pay tribute to the sentiment, the macroeconomic framework, the sustainable ESG development and to the human factor that is running the system. Of course we are far from shucking the traditional economic and corporate developments and fundamentals, but “in order to obtain a perfect harmony one should employ the whole orchestra”.

Copula Capital Advisors has two main areas of focus in its stock markets analysis: BG equity research and SEE (The Balkans) equity research. Our subscription services are highly customized, thus giving our clients the possibility to receive the service that will be right for their needs. Copula Capital Advisors prepares single company briefings and reports, which are being updated on an event driven base; sector, thematic & commissioned reports, as well as weekly, monthly and quarterly market snapshots.

Our Briefings typically address traditional financial performance ratios, benchmarks and valuations, upgraded with our proprietary ESG analysis system, offering the major KPIs for ESG performance, sector benchmarking, peer comparison and potential risks.

A typical company report will include deeper analytical review of a single company’s financial performance, valuation, ESG risks and KPIs. The research process includes more in-depth coverage of the sector, regulatory impacts, policy landscape, development perspectives, peer grouping and potential for fiscal incentives. Usualy our company reports are produced on a case driven basis upon client demand.

For further information, or in case of any questions, please feel free to Contact us.

Private company valuation

Bulgaria and the Balkans as whole are still an interesting place to invest in. Since it is an undeveloped market there are enough attractive projects appropriate for backing-up with venture capital or just for acquiring a local player. However as we see from our practices, large funds rarely have the information necessary to select targets for their EME portfolio allocations. It is still an "undeveloped mine to dig in".

Copula Capital Advisors is in position to fill this gap and provide priceless support to its clients and prospective clients, due to its comprehensive understanding of the Balkans market.

Corporate and market entry strategy

In today's increasingly competitive environment, which is pushing the business practices to a higher level of demand Copula Capital Advisors assist its clients and prospective clients in finding the proper starting conditions for their business. Copula Capital Advisors helps its clients in finding the right market niche, segment or location in order to achieve the best risk/return ratio for their investments. Making the right segment analysis and competitors research are other major valuations that are a must for the successful establishment of a new business. Copula Capital Advisors not only looks at the current market state, but elaborates the underlying factors that will drive sustainable demand and potential growth to the sector.

Copula Capital Advisors synthesizes all of the aspects of a realistic Business plan from sector analysis to operational capabilities. Copula Capital Advisors strives to elaborate at each Business plan assignment as it is intended for a subsidiary company.

Strategic partnership

Copula Capital Advisors helps its clients to establish strategic partnerships franchises, joint ventures, outsourcing and distribution agreements and others. The company studies and manages the potential partnership in order to ensure its clients interests.

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