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Copula Capital Advisors the comprehensive ESG advisor for South-Eastern Europe


We have been implementing our extensive experience, providing high quality, creative and independent advisory and management services. Our company specializes in corporate and market research, market entry advisory, fund raising, private equity and venture capital funding consultancy by applying our innovative environmental, social and governance issues approach (ESG). As these sustainable development problems affect risks and opportunities in the region, including consideration of regulators, competitors, supply chain, social issues and governance.

We currently provide our clients with a broad range of industry and corporate traditional and sustainability valuation and analysis, stock markets and sector ESG research, financial restructuring and M&A services as well as management research and market sentiment research for Bulgaria and South-Eastern Europe (SEE).

As an independent local advisory company we have the advantage of "right from the scene" view and the ability of knowing and researching the public and the private investment sectors and the current regulatory environment in Bulgaria. Thus we give our clients the ability to relay and receive the best tailored investment instruments for any specific case and deal. Our clients, institutional investors and global investment managers, realise that the traditional investment banking reports and analysis often ignore many important risks, which could arise and affect the company, its growth and profitability. In order to achieve superior long-term returns and fulfill their fiduciary duties, investment managers now require strait and comprehensive analysis of these additional issues that could affect portfolio performance.

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